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Haggling Over Carpeting – Rhetorical Chronicle, Part 1

For our new series, I’ll be looking at Hinata Mori’s Rhetorical Chronicle: A Lying Negotiator and His Fox Mistress (森日向の《レトリカクロニクル:嘘っき話術士と狐の師匠》) It only has four chapters and an epilogue and prologue totaling 350 pages. It won the 2015 Silver Award from … Continue reading

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Lady Xiansa’s Newbie Guide to Traditional East Asian Literature

I had time to throw together a PDF for readers to print off and work on after all, but keep in mind that I’m thinking about using my Literati Corner for the next few years to tackle some of the … Continue reading

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Taking Up Residence in the Tiger’s Lair – Zhao the Orphan, Part 2

This time in the Literati Corner, I’ll finish my review of Ji Junxiang’s Zhao the Orphan (纪君祥(元)的中国古代悲劇故事-赵氐孤儿) and cover the last four chapters. Cheng Ying tries to decide how he should proceed with his plot to save Zhao the Orphan … Continue reading

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Free E-Book Giveaway of The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak and Other News

I will be offering my new horror novel, The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak, for free on e-book this week between November 11th and November 15th, 2015, and it is available here: If you take advantage of the free … Continue reading

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Slaughtering the Cat at Midnight – Red Wedding Dress, Part 3

Today I’m going to finish up our look at Ru Wan’s Red Wedding Dress (如宛的《紅嫁衣》). This time, I’ll start with the novel within the novel, which finishes up rather early in the text. The engagement party between Xiaoqian and Sheng … Continue reading

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Dan Dan Comes to Visit – Red Wedding Dress, Part 2

This time we continue our look at the horror novel by Ru Wan, Red Wedding Dress, (如宛的《紅嫁衣》). Before I dig into the section this installment covers, I want to make a few observations about the book in general. I really … Continue reading

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