Literati Corner Guides

I’ll post pages here for native English readers who want to read along with the Literati Corner work here around the new year. In the meantime, here is my guide for readers new to East Asian literature who want to get some familiarity with the most important works for Westerners to read:

Lady Xiansa’s Newbie Guide to Traditional East Asian Literature

I omitted some of the classical books like the I Ching I thought would be too dry and stuck with works that had a more narrative or philosophical style. Not all of these books are fiction, and the list for China has many books that were very important in Japan and Korea as well.

Here is the PDF guide for 2016’s Literati Corner and the related essay contest (Tale of Genji – Japan):

Lady Xiansa’s Guide to the 2016 Literati Corner

Here is the PDF guide for 2017 (Journey to the West – China):


PDF guides for 2018 (Land – South Korea):

Land Arc 1 Family Trees

Ten Heavenly Stems and Branches Tables – Four Asian Languages