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Years 205 Through 208 in the Crisis Era: The Dark Forest – The Dark Forest, Remembrance of Earth, Book 2, Part 3

I’m going to quickly wrap up my summary of the second book in the Remembrance of Earth Chinese science fiction series by Cixin Liu, which was translated into English as The Dark Forest (刘慈欣的”地球往事:黑暗森林”). The first few sections of this … Continue reading

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2018 Holiday Schedule and Lucky Cat Volume 2 Release

The second volume in the four volume Lucky Cat Series, Lucky Cat and the Snow Maiden’s Vengeance, is out in paperback on Amazon for purchase! I won’t get to the e-book until this weekend, but that will be out … Continue reading

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Sequel Progress and Thoughts on #Metoo

I know I’m a bit behind on my blog posts this fall, and I wanted to check in to explain the reason for my drifting schedule. Since I had so many requests at events this spring for the sequel to … Continue reading

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