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“Flowers at Dusk” and Other Notes – Ichiyō Higuchi, Part 2

Ichiyō Higuchi’s first work “Flowers at Dusk” (闇桜?) was published in 1892 in Tōsui Narakai’s magazine Musashino. Danly discusses at length in the first part of the book that some of the subject matter Higuchi draws from was from Narakai’s … Continue reading

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Fall 2013 Announcement

Lady Xiansa will be speaking about Japanese anime in a few weeks at Kurokiiro: Here is some additional reading for those interested in the roots of horror, American writer H. P. Lovecraft’s essay “Supernatural Horror in Literature” which delves … Continue reading

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In the Shade of Spring Leaves – Ichiyō Higuchi, Part 1

I am a creature at the mercy of my moods. They say that, unexpressed, the feelings in the heart will fester. And I have all too many; sadness and joy commingle. It is time to let them out. I know … Continue reading

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Oh, look at the time! We should hurry up our game of xiangqi and return to the Lantern Pavilion so we can begin the next story. Hasn’t it been pleasant relaxing here in the Hall of the Prancing Tiger? My … Continue reading

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