The Vulpecula Cycle – Omnibus Print Version

My science fiction-fantasy novel, The Vulpecula Cycle, is now available at Amazon and Create Space:


Print Edition Book Cover

The Print Edition Book Cover

This edition includes all three of the e-books I have released on Kindle: The Heavenly Tranquility, The Regent & the Courtier, and the Star Lords.
Here is the general description of this edition:

Upon hearing rumors in the forests of China of a space mission to a lunar colony, foxes Hua and De use their magical powers to masquerade as humans to get on the shuttle, the Heavenly Tranquility. But the mission, headed by China and manned with an international crew, quickly goes awry when the magical imposters disrupt the flight, throwing the ship onto the inhabited planet of Ting-duo in the Vulpecula constellation. The new world they encounter is a feudal, Silk Road- style realm that forces the stranded crew to pick sides in battles between rival provinces and court magicians. As romance blossoms between the fox fairies and their crewmates, the arrival of a rescue mission from earth, the Scavenger, shatters the peace of everyone from both ships as the politics of earth and the revelation of Hua and De’s true nature threatens their future.


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