Sohyeon After Midnight

My contemporary horror/dark fantasy novel, Sohyeon After Midnight, was published in the spring of 2018 and was conceived of as a bilingual novel, so I’m working on experimenting with an easy Korean version that I’m posting on one of my other blogs as a model of the use of student generated texts in second language learning.

High school senior Sohyeon Choi and his family are an average second-generation immigrant family living in the affluent DC suburb of Addison. His life of studying, gaming and paintball is suddenly disrupted one night when an odd-looking man in an old-fashioned boat spirits Sohyeon away across the sky into another dimension, pulling his family into a war between two unknown worlds.

One of these strange, distant worlds is Khabu, land of the immortals. Within the ancestral crypt of the royal family, it is rumored Khabu’s ancient kings still live out their days in animal form, and Khabu’s enigmatic high priestess, Minha, searches for a champion to help the royal family heal the rift between the queen and her rebellious brother.

The second world, Eokhmisseun, is a land of humans ravaged by the demonic creature Litt, whose magic has forced the ruling council into hiding and turned most of the citizens into shadowy half-men with a taste for blood. Connected to Khabu through the gift of a flock of magical birds the underground leaders in the capital city use to communicate, one member of the council also holds a mysterious artefact, the only remaining silver weapon to be found in both lands.

As the dark past of Khabu engulfs both lands, the menace begins to spread to Addison and plunges it into darkness.

Sohyeon After Midnight is a genre-bending horror-fantasy inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s The White Ship and Shadow Over Innsmouth as well as H. G. Wells’ Island of Doctor Moreau.

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