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Maupassant at the Morgue and a Cat Named Quasimodo – Jin Lee, Part 5

This time we’ll finish up part 3 of Kyung-sook Shin’s historical novel, Jin Lee (신경숙의《리진》). We only got through chapter 1 last time, and there are five more chapters remaining in this section. Chapter 2 is “A Feather Pen and … Continue reading

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In the Shade of Spring Leaves – Ichiyō Higuchi, Part 1

I am a creature at the mercy of my moods. They say that, unexpressed, the feelings in the heart will fester. And I have all too many; sadness and joy commingle. It is time to let them out. I know … Continue reading

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Hangjung Mallok – Part 3: The Memoir of 1801

The second memoir of Lady Hyegyǒng was written primarily to protest the execution of her uncle Inhan Hong, who was accused of opposing Jǒngjo’s regency in 1776, and the execution of her brother Nagim Hong, who was accused of being … Continue reading

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