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Dark Grape Man and the Mold Zombies – Ichigoman & Funny Kuromi-chan, Part 2

That post title sounds like a good name for a local garage band, doesn’t it?  Today I’m going to continue reading the new Sanrio webcomics “Ichigoman” (イチゴマン) and “Funny Kuromi-chan” (おかしなクロミちゃん).  The webpage the manga are published on is still … Continue reading

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A Kitty Mecha and A Cake-Loving Biker Bunny Go Wild – Ichigoman & Funny Kuromi-chan, Part 1

Sanrio published a new manga of its reboot of Hello Kitty called “Ichigoman,” or “Strawberry Man,” so I want to review some of that along with their new webcomic, “Funny Kuromi-chan.”  Here is the link: http://comip.jp/15/ They actually have more … Continue reading

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“Child’s Play” and Other Notes – Ichiyō Higuchi, Part 4

In this final installment of the series on Ichiyō Higuchi, the first story we will look at is “The Thirteenth Night,” (十三夜) which was published in 1895 and has two sections. This story begins with dutiful daughter Oseki contemplating how … Continue reading

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