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Talking Roses and the Superhero’s Secretary – Ichigoman & Funny Kuromi-chan, Part 3

This post is the last in my series covering “Ichigoman” (イチゴマン) and “Funny Kuromi-chan” (おかしなクロミちゃん) at Sanrio’s website, though the comics look like they are still being published. I think they started publishing them last year, and they were publishing … Continue reading

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A Kitty Mecha and A Cake-Loving Biker Bunny Go Wild – Ichigoman & Funny Kuromi-chan, Part 1

Sanrio published a new manga of its reboot of Hello Kitty called “Ichigoman,” or “Strawberry Man,” so I want to review some of that along with their new webcomic, “Funny Kuromi-chan.”  Here is the link: http://comip.jp/15/ They actually have more … Continue reading

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The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak Webcomic Launch!

The first page from my new webcomic, The First Haunting: Geumaeng is now posted on my overflow blog, Sun Rises in the East: https://sunrisesintheeast.wordpress.com/2016/03/15/the-haunting-at-ice-pine-peak-webcomic-launch/ It’s a bonus storyline based on my novel, The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak, which can … Continue reading

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The Fox Sister, A Webcomic

For the final Literati Corner post for 2015, I will finish with a cool webcomic set in South Korea, The Fox Sister. You can read it from the beginning here: http://thefoxsister.com/?id=1 After some digging around, I discovered the authors are … Continue reading

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