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The Demon-Faced Bride – Red Wedding Dress, Part 1

I had planned on doing Jia Mai’s Decoded next, but after perusing it a bit, it looks too much like Frog in its organization and scope, and there are a lot of math equations. Instead of the light thriller that … Continue reading

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The Depraved Duke and the Virtuous Minister – Zhao the Orphan, Part 1

This time in the Literati Corner, I will be doing a short series on the well-known classical Chinese tragedy by Ji Junxiang, Zhao the Orphan (纪君祥(元)的中国古代悲劇故事-赵氐孤儿). I will be looking at this bilingual Chinese-English adaptation by Jianping Wang and Yutang … Continue reading

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Human or Monster? – My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, Part 5

In this installment, I will conclude my look at the novel based on the Hong Sisters TV show My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (김성연,홍정은 & 홍미란의”내 여자친구는 구미호”). This time I cover most of volume 2, which spent a … Continue reading

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Getting in the Mood for Halloween: My Upcoming Presentation and Book Reading

I have an event in less than two weeks on October 21st at 7PM where I will be giving an overview of many of the traditional fox and ghost stories from East Asia as well as covering a few modern … Continue reading

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