My New Horror-Fantasy Novel, Sohyeon After Midnight, is Published!

My new horror-fantasy novel, Sohyeon After Midnight, is now available in the print edition, and I’m working on getting out the e-book this week. You can get your print copy here:

I apologize for the high price, but since I was in talks with Barnes & Nobles about book promotion last year and they told me they couldn’t see my books on their website/database, I set this one up for expanded distribution so it could potentially be carried by that store. Previously, bookstore chains weren’t that interested in indie publishing, but I guess that is changing.

I have a new blurb for the cover:


High school senior Sohyeon Choi and his family are an average second-generation immigrant family living in the affluent DC suburb of Addison. His life of studying, gaming and paintball is suddenly disrupted one night when an odd-looking man in an old-fashioned boat spirits Sohyeon away across the sky into another dimension, pulling his family into a war between two unknown worlds.

One of these strange, distant worlds is Khabu, land of the immortals. Within the ancestral crypt of the royal family, it is rumored Khabu’s ancient kings still live out their days in animal form, and Khabu’s enigmatic high priestess, Minha, searches for a champion to help the royal family heal the rift between the queen and her rebellious brother.

The second world, Eokhmisseun, is a land of humans ravaged by the demonic creature Litt, whose magic has forced the ruling council into hiding and turned most of the citizens into shadowy half-men with a taste for blood. Connected to Khabu through the gift of a flock of magical birds the underground leaders in the capital city use to communicate, one member of the council also holds a mysterious artefact, the only remaining silver weapon to be found in both lands.

As the dark past of Khabu engulfs both lands, the menace begins to spread to Addison and plunges it into darkness.

Sohyeon After Midnight is a genre-bending horror-fantasy inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s The White Ship and Shadow Over Innsmouth as well as H. G. Wells’ Island of Doctor Moreau.

Let me give a shout out to a few really wonderful YouTube composers whose darker works served as inspiration in writing this novel.

Adrian Von Ziegler:

Peter Gundry:


Derek & Brandon Fiechter:

Solace (Jeremiah Soto):

I’ll be working on the Korean-language manuscript of the story soon, though I’m not sure yet how or when I’ll publish that. If I can get it together and into shape, it will be intermediate Korean at best and will probably go on my other blog where I sell my classes. Of course, many thanks to my ESL students from the region who told me about their families and invited me into their homes for many years over the years for providing some insight into international and immigrant families, which has formed the foundation of this story.

Also, a word about the stories I typically name check on my cover copy. What I have in mind when I do that is quite specific. Since I rarely read anything in English anymore and the stuff I do read in English is indie novels, non-fiction, or from the 1800s or early 1900s, the stories I reference are often old ones I’ve read recently and am reacting to thematically. Sometimes I am considering the gaps in famous stories as I write my own. In this case, I’m going right against the grain of Lovecraft’s work as much as I’m picking up on his riffs.

I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled series on this blog shortly.

About Lady Xiansa

Lady Xiansa is a writer, linguist, artist, and dancer. She has been a core volunteer for the Silk Screen Asian Arts Organization from 2007 to 2018 and has provided content for Pitt JCS anime events since 2011. She has taught both ESL and Beginning Korean. Her gothic horror novel, The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak, won the Bronze Award for Young Adult Fiction E-book in the 2016 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards and earned the 2018 Story Monsters Approved Seal in the Tween Category.
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