Introducing the New Online Korean Studies Certification Program

As we begin a new year, I have a new project that I’m launching that I hope you’ll find as exciting as I do.  I was thinking about my knowledge base and how I can expand my reach with that and realized I could offer private one-on-one classes or small group classes via video conferencing on Skype and Appear.In.  The end result is my new Online Korean Studies Certification Program.   You can peruse my PDF brochure of the entire program here:


I’ll be updating that brochure regularly as I roll out classes.  Here is the website with more information and links for registration:

I’m doing this under the auspices of my new Enlightened Rabbit Scholastic Society project, and my first class now available for the program is Korean History.  You can also follow the roll out of the other eleven classes at my ERSS Facebook page:

I have a free 30-minute trial class available for potential students uncertain if the program is something they would like and want to pay money for.  You can enroll in that free class too at the WordPress link above.  I’m also accepting donations to defray the costs of marketing, materials for course development and equipment upgrades here for any interested parties:

My affiliated You Tube channel can be found here, though right now I have no plans to do much in the way of videos other than maybe throw out a few more book readings from my other three novels.  My recent book readings of The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak, can be found here, too:



In addition to all of this, let me recap what I did and didn’t accomplish last year.  I had some technical troubles with my manga software, so the webcomic based on my fox novel, The Vulpecula Cycle, had to be postponed indefinitely, though I will be updating my webcomic that I started based on The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak on my affiliate blog, The Sun Rises in the East.  Here is the link for that site in case you can’t find it in my sidebars:

Since I’m learning how to work with charcoals, the less intense, rougher artwork of that webcomic is a little easier for me to manage than the manga software right now.  Otherwise, I got sidetracked last year with publishing Kumori and the Lucky Cat as well as winning the award.  I didn’t have as much time as I had anticipated to work on some of these projects.

Be sure to check out the PDF brochure and the new ERSS website, though it won’t be updated as regularly as this blog as far as content goes.


About Lady Xiansa

Lady Xiansa is a writer, linguist, artist, and dancer. She has been a core volunteer for the Silk Screen Asian Arts Organization from 2007 to 2018 and has provided content for Pitt JCS anime events since 2011. She has taught both ESL and Beginning Korean. Her gothic horror novel, The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak, won the Bronze Award for Young Adult Fiction E-book in the 2016 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards and earned the 2018 Story Monsters Approved Seal in the Tween Category.
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