The Fox Sister, A Webcomic

For the final Literati Corner post for 2015, I will finish with a cool webcomic set in South Korea, The Fox Sister. You can read it from the beginning here:

After some digging around, I discovered the authors are Christina Strain and Jayd Ait-Kaci, though this is far from obvious on the webcomic site. I understand that the comic is near the end with a few more pages still due to be released.

At the beginning, the setting is 1961 Gunsan, South Korea. When I look up Kunsan, the spelling in the comic, I get everything on Kunsan Air Force Base, so they probably mean Gunsan, which is the city nearby. Here is the profile of that town:

Yun Hee is awoken in the middle of the night by an intruder, and she sees a 9-tailed fox attack her sister. The night ends in tragedy, but then the story fast-forwards to Seoul in 1968. When she’s out walking her dog, she meets an American man named Alex at a Christian church. We also see her functioning in the role of a shaman of the mugyo religion.


Shin Yunbok’s 1805 painting Munyeo Sinmu

These two facets of her life continue to weave into a simple story where she crosses the path of the 9-tail fox again and tries to handle the danger that entails. There aren’t a lot of characters, just a couple of main ones central to the story: Yun Hee, Alex, a woman named Min, Mrs. Park and Yun-Hee’s dog. As far as the artistic style is concerned, the backgrounds are Spartan, and the drawings are done with muted colors. The drawings really focus on the characters and the action rather than the setting, though the setting has a really nice historical feel with a lot of it taking place in traditional Korean houses.


Page 19 of The Fox Sister

This story has a much darker take on the gumiho, the 9-tailed fox, that what we saw earlier in the year with examples like Kazura or Miho. At times, the story is very violent as the reader is shown the damage the fox can do.


Page 33 of The Fox Sister

Yun Hee must use her status as a shaman to protect her and Alex from the fox. The pujok amulet shows up as the conflict heats up:

The story so far ends at 129 pages but is not complete. From what I understand, it is an ongoing project that the authors will get to when they have time, but in the meantime, enjoy the story so far.


Page 91 of The Fox Sister

This post marks the end of my 2015 fox year, though there may be foxes thrown in with some future series since I’m a bit fanatical about them.


Tomoe and Nanami from “Kamisama Kiss”

Part six of a six part series.


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