Blog Announcement, Fall 2014

Lady Xiansa will be speaking about Japanese anime and culture in a few weeks at the Kurokiiro anime festival. Details are here:

The link I’ve given earlier for Valerie Estelle Frankel’s “Journey of the Heroine” is good additional reading for those interested in what topics I’ll be covering there. Also applicable is the Aarne-Thompson Classification System for folktales:

The Aarne-Thompson 425 story is really my special fascination, as anyone reading my current science fiction e-book series will soon see, but this also will be one of the focal points of the particular anime I’ll be looking at during the festival. (My previous novella The Weary City was specifically the A316 Persephone type. I love this stuff.) We’ve been talking about these aspects a bit more generally with the Moribito novel, but right now I don’t have another fantasy novel on the blog schedule for a while. At some point when I do get back to the genre, we’ll look at these tools again.

Hope you can make it to the festival!


About Lady Xiansa

Lady Xiansa is a writer, linguist, artist, and dancer. She has been a core volunteer for the Silk Screen Asian Arts Organization since 2007 and has provided content for Pitt JCS anime events since 2011. She has taught both ESL and Beginning Korean. Her novel, The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak, won the Bronze Award for Young Adult Fiction E-book in the 2016 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards.
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3 Responses to Blog Announcement, Fall 2014

  1. Genki Jason says:

    Have you heard that there’s going to be a live-action Moribito?

    • Lady Xiansa says:

      This is the first I’ve heard of it, but it doesn’t surprise me since the progression of many novels in Japan seems to be anime first then live action film. This will be a TV series covering all of the books, and hopefully we’ll be able to access it in the west somewhere. Did you also see that Nahoko Uehashi just won the 2014 Hans Christian Anderson Author Award for children’s books: I should probably keep up with these honors since I’m not necessarily picking only books that are award winning or high literary. I just pick what I find interesting and accessible that covers a good range of topics and genres. I just revised my blog schedule, which is done through 2016 tentatively, and added one more fantasy novel. It’s great to have one of my more commercial selections validated with an award. Thanks for pointing that out. I try to keep an eye on your blog for more ideas for novels to select and what anime to try.

      • Genki Jason says:

        I didn’t see the news but it’s great to see. I’m only familiar with the Moribito anime. I’m slowly getting into the source novels of films and anime so I’ll try and read it in the original Japanese but before that, the novels Guardian of the Spirit and Guardian of the Darkness were just released in the UK on Kindle so I can download them and then read the posts you’ve made 🙂

        The live-action project sounds very ambitious and with the growing popularity of doramas we may get the chance to watch them legally. A lot are getting screened on Crunchyroll these days and it’s a trend I hope continues.

        Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings on film and anime.

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